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Moving from 43things to popclogs
I heard that 43things might be shutting down, so i'm moving my 43things over to the new popclogs.com

My old 43things account:

My new popclogs.com account:

Hopefully I will see you there!
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This livejournal is now my what i'm doing online… journal
This livejournal now moves into the phase of it being a place where I share the details what I'm doing online. 

Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella cheese sticks
I'm trying out this share feature in livejournal. Here's Tom Saaristo's first livejournal post!

Originally posted by tomsaaristo at Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella cheese sticks
Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella

Easy appetizer with luxe ingredients. Wrap paper thin prosciutto around mozzarella sticks and set in a rimmed plate into which you have drizzled extra virgin olive oil and 100 year old balsamic vinegar. Season with freshly ground black pepper and garnish with fresh thyme leaves

The tale of two walgreens
Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.41.40 AM

There are two Walgreens stores within three blocks of each other on the busy shopping district of Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago:
Chicago IL 60611
Store #: 2742

Chicago IL 60601
Store #: 1332

Store 2742 is my regular walgreens. They are fantastic. I love them. The cashiers are friendly. Whenever I'm purchasing candy, the cashiers will always pull out the coupon book and give me additional savings. I love them. Whenever the lines get too long, another cashier immediately comes and helps. The lines flow quickly at Walgreens 2742.

Recently I've started going to the Walgreens just three blocks south. This is store #1332. This store is completely the opposite of my favorite Walgreens. I'd say in the past month I have gone to this location about four times. All in the morning about 9am. Here's what happened at two of my visits:

One time I was charged the wrong amount for two bags of candy. She accidentally rung up three bags of candy. Now, I completely understand that. Stuff like that happens. It's ok. But what happened next was more... testing my patience.  The cashier didn't know how to correct the amount. After a few minutes of her trying to fix it, she called over the manager (or someone higher up, I'm not sure if it was a manager or assistant manager). He brought me over to photo and it took, literally 13 minutes for him to try to simply void out three bags of candy and charge me for two bags.

A second trip, which was this morning. I was standing in line behind five people at the main register. You'd think when there are six people in line, that they would open a new register, but they didn't. The photo person was literally printing out photos while someone was waiting for each print. That cashier didn't seem to be wrapping up anytime soon. The primary cashier with six people in line (now had seven people with the additional person behind me) was trying to ring up some coupon, but was having problems. After standing there for five minutes of the line not moving, I put down my single bag of candy and walked out.

So in my four trips to this store 1332, I've had two bad experiences. I tell you what, I'm never going to that Walgreens location ever again. I will continue to go to the wonderful location at 2742. The 2742 location is so wonderful, helpful, nice, and fast. I can see why location 1332 has less shoppers in there. All the local businesspeople like myself know that the Walgreens three blocks north is far superior.

10 year livejournal anniversary!
This past sunday I have been on livejournal for 10 years! Wooo! Last year when I was celebrating nine years, I posted about all the phases my livejournal has gone through, "Nine years on livejournal." Regular livejournal posts, spudart.org highlights, Christian blog posts, Friday Five, One sentence posts. And now in the past year I was using livejournal to post one thing a day that makes me thankful. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
☃ Participated in #ideaschat, an interesting hour-long twitter chat about art
☃ Found three new art podcasts:
By Ryan McGovern
Artists Mean Business
By Jess Kaswiner
State of the Artist

Monday, August 6, 2012
☃ Did some preparation for leading Bible Study discussion on John 21
☃ While at the coffee shop preparing, I overheard four people starting a new community organiztion for my local park, Winnemac Park.

Saturday & Sunday, August 25 & 26, 2012: cemetary clowns
A bunch of clowns at a cemetery
☃ Saw clowns perform in cemetery
☃ My gf got recruited to join the trapeze
☃ I ran 6 blocks in the downpour rain to get my gf's car cuz we were stuck at the library
☃ Bought an insane art theory book by Wassily Kandinsky at used book fair
☃ We helped make a flag as an art project in the park
☃ church had an insomiac priest
☃ Ignited a giant fireball in my face while learning how to use a gas grill

Wednesday, August 1, 2012: Walking in Wrigleyville
☃ I made a gallery on the Art Institute website of all their artworks that feature snow. http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/my/snow/17691
☃ Had a very creative morning
☃ Saw a friend's new condo three blocks from Wrigley Field.
☃ Getting off the Addison stop and walking in the direction of my old apartment from 1999-2002. Made me feel ten years younger.
☃ Watching American gymnast Danell Leyva get the bronze in the all-around.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012: new cafe, cbz files, gold medals
☃ Tried a new Cafe in the south Loop (Cafecito)
☃ I'm really excited that http://mydigitalcomics.com sells the original files (PDF or CBZ)
☃ Watching the womens' gymnasts win the gold medal. It's fun seeing their different personalities interact.


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