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Clip art copying from CD-Rom to flash drive
Funny, last year when we were having our company split into two floors, we went through a bunch of stuff and was throwing things out. I gave the 125,000 clip art CD-Roms to one of co-workers who often does stuff for her church. This month is one of the people who are taking the buyouts (she was told to take it), and now she's going through her stuff. She found the 14-CD clip art collection and the cds won't read on her computer. So i'm copying them to a flash drive on another mac.

Clip art. that's the funny part. Ironic that I'm posting this to my livejournal, which is from about the same era as CD-Roms.

I'm using my G5 tower to copy the cds. I'm using my G5 tower to copy the cds. The CD drive sounds like it's an old car. Or a go-cart.

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Correction: the CD-rom drive sounds more like a blender.

actually, a blender is too fast. The sound is more like someone chopping green peppers on a cutting board.

I had a personal set of the 750,000 Art Explosion. I gave that away to goodwill. Man. i should have sold that sucker on eBay. Oh wait. They sell for $25. Meh

Actually, I kinda remember looking that back up on eBay when i was trying to decide what to do with it.

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