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Clip art copying from CD-Rom to flash drive
Funny, last year when we were having our company split into two floors, we went through a bunch of stuff and was throwing things out. I gave the 125,000 clip art CD-Roms to one of co-workers who often does stuff for her church. This month is one of the people who are taking the buyouts (she was told to take it), and now she's going through her stuff. She found the 14-CD clip art collection and the cds won't read on her computer. So i'm copying them to a flash drive on another mac.

Clip art. that's the funny part. Ironic that I'm posting this to my livejournal, which is from about the same era as CD-Roms.

I'm using my G5 tower to copy the cds. I'm using my G5 tower to copy the cds. The CD drive sounds like it's an old car. Or a go-cart.

Twitter suggests weird names when signing up

When you sign up for a twitter acccount, they ask for your full name and then they give you suggestions. In this case, I was creating a twitter account for the white-out monster. So...

Full name: White-out Monster.

Weird thing is that the name suggestion it's giving me is: monster_out, out_monster, and 1iMvvsHsXgW6qsJ

1iMvvsHsXgW6qsJ? Really?

I'm on Yahoo Messenger
Screenshot 2014-07-29 15.55.58

For the past year or I haven't used Yahoo Messenger. It just wasn't working on my Macintosh and Adium. But now I'll give using the native Yahoo Messenger app a try. I'm artdude75 on Yahoo Messenger for anyone who wants to send me an IM. My list is really short right now, so I'm happy to add more people!

A helpful spam email
I own ifoundthispostcard.com. The owner of foundthis.org contacted me (via generic form letter), but is offering his domain to me when it becomes available. Granted, i'm not going to buy it, because I don't even do anything with my domain, but in a way, this is a spam letter that I didn't mind.

Screenshot 2014-07-29 10.58.57

what's on your clipboard?

it's hilarious when you have this on your clipboard and accidentally paste it into a document: Who do you prefer being in charge of the Chommell Sector? Senator Jar Jar Binks or Moff Panaka?

My 11th question deleted by Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers loves to delete my questions. I'm keeping track of all my questions deleted at my blog post:

The one deleted this time is "Who is the best artist today at making traditional monuments?" I think that's a legitimate question.

Replying to friends using a fictional account on twitter
Just a tip. It's loads of fun making a fictional account on twitter, and then replying to a bunch of your friends tweets. For instance, I tweet as an ewok, Death Star librarian, and a croquet master.

This tweet in particular, i used all three accounts. I love his response!
Screenshot 2014-07-17 14.23.58

Screenshot 2014-07-17 14.18.39

Yesterday I joined Betterific and posted 22 ideas. To get my ideas, I downloaded the archive for my twitter, @mattmaldre, and searched for "idea." Often when I'm tweeting an idea, I use the hashtag #idea.

If you join Betterific, let me know what your username is. 

My chicago goals dominate popclogs.com
Screenshot 2014-07-14 18.20.23
I'm having a bit of fun with popclogs.com, the new social goal-sharing website. A bunch of my goals are imported over from my old 43things.com account. Many of my goals are Chicago goals. Since popclogs.com is a relatively new site with not THAT many goals, it's fun to do a search on popclogs.com for "chicago" and see most of the results are my goals.

idea: Alexa.com map mashup
I'd like to see someone make a alexa.com map mashup. Enter a domain, and it gives you a world map with the domain's ranking in each country. Right now Alexa gives you the percent of traffic the domain gets from each country, not the ranking.


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